Late Night Reading With

LATE NIGHT READING WITH: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

It has been over a month since I've begun the journey - and dived head first into the blogging world extravaganza - and I have come to realize: I haven't posted a book review yet. You'd think that with a... Continue Reading →


Worry Free Wednesday: Hey-o Spaghetti-o’s, Look At Me Go-Go’s!

Hello there, fellow human being, it has been the craziest two weeks of my life that, yes, you've seen the date correctly: a Worry Free Wednesday post on a Friday.  No, no, you're not insane (though I probably am - drats)... Continue Reading →

Worry Free Wednesday: Boom! Crash! Sound of my life goes, on and on, on and on, on…

Ah, yes. It is the obnoxious Wednesday, my peeps. Congratulations! You made it alive*! *(Er, well, half crispy, maimed and hobbling along, but alive nonetheless!) This Wednesday seems like any other: smack dab right in the middle, with A/C cushioning... Continue Reading →

Top 8 Heroine Badasses

                Don’t you ever get that one character – that one moment, that one word, that one act – that just instantly zaps you in the brain, butt and heart and your body... Continue Reading →

Worry Free Wednesday: Little Blurbs of Wisdom

Wednesday. It's an odd little day, no? It rests smack dab in the middle of the week. No "horrid Monday" or even a "Free Friday". No. Wednesday is the "we are only halfway done with the week". [Insert aggrieved groans... Continue Reading →


Here we are! Another Wednesday on a warm summer night, and I find it fitting to be blogging my first post right before the chime of midnight. Countless of friends from all parts of my life have led me to... Continue Reading →

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