Here we are!

Another Wednesday on a warm summer night, and I find it fitting to be blogging my first post right before the chime of midnight.

Countless of friends from all parts of my life have led me to this moment – some by coaxing hand, or dragging my sorry butt – to finally start sharing my go at the quill and parchment. Ergo, the digital one.

So here we are. Let’s rev the engines, say “Allons-y!” and see where this wonderful journey takes us.

P.S. A special shout-out to the wonderful peeps of my life: my Firewitches – for you always burn so bright in my heart. My Golden Trio: Kathryn Phan and Maggie Davis. Here’s to more ideas to put into The Book. And finally, my Peeps. You know who you are. Yes, you. The one who gave me that extra laugh, extra smile and extra hug to cheer up my day. You never knew how special you were to a gal like me. Here’s to dreaming endlessly.


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