Worry Free Wednesday: Little Blurbs of Wisdom

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It’s an odd little day, no?

It rests smack dab in the middle of the week. No “horrid Monday” or even a “Free Friday”. No. Wednesday is the “we are only halfway done with the week“.

[Insert aggrieved groans galore.]

So I’ve decided to start a little tradition.

Post a little thing every Wednesday: weekly. Why? Well, I thought it might be helpful to well – help. Help move things along the week whenever your tank is just half-low, running on fumes, or just plain ol’ empty.

So let’s, get running. (Not quite literally though. I’m still sore from yesterday’s – yes – exercise. Yes. You heard that right. You know that funny thing people do when they make themselves do an endless chicken dance that goes on forever with sweaty cramps and chants of litany that rhyme with, “deargodwhy“? Yeah, I’m still wondering “why” but more for that in another post.)

A couple weeks ago, my favorite peas-in-a-pod twins’, celebrated their birthday and I was left with the daunting task of what-do-I-even-buy. Only this time around, I didn’t buy.


The good ol’ homemade gift.

Cute, right?

If, and only if, executed correctly. (Yeah, I’m looking at you Pinterest.) Yes, the sentiment is all well and done but I decided to challenge myself. Or rather, humble myself.

So I went as old fashioned as I could rack my brain: I wrote a handwritten letter.

And in it, I shared a little bit of what I have scraped up from my measly 18 years on this Earth. And after a successful birthday celebration (shout-out to those amazing burgers we ate) they read my letters and surprise!

They loved it.

I was thrilled and happy they enjoyed it. But then they suggested a seemingly innocuous proposal: You should share it.

And then I thought, why not?

So here I am, sitting in both literal and metaphorical dark, typing this as I speak.

Here is to future Worry Free Wednesdays.


P.S. I recently have been prodded like the giant beast I am to finally start sharing the little inklings that spout in my ink-stained brain, thanks to the fellow brilliant brains I will ever know. This is one is for you, my Ice-Cream-Man sisters, Tori and Roni.
 As I mentioned in the title, this is only a blurb. A rant from an 18 year old crone only meaning to try to sparkle some cheer on this Earth. All in all, I hope you find some thought and solace in it.  



Little Blurbs of Wisdom


  1. When you get angry, get smart angry.

Look for your warning sings leading up to before a rampage. Remember – anger is a choice. Believe it or not, you can choose to let it fester and harbor it. Or choose to let it go. But don’t confuse anger with justice nor letting go of anger as weakness. Anger is a reaction – what goes from there is a choice you make to either act upon it.

  1. When it comes to relationships – familial, romantic, platonic, collegial, or otherwise – any and all, remember it is a living, breathing bond.

It needs to be tended and cared for. It requires attention. To be fed and watered. It is not a one-and-done steel bond. There will be droughts, there will be floods. But that is the test – if both of you will stay the diligent and dedicated gardener.

  1. Share your happiness.

In this world, it is hard enough as it is. So when you’re at your highest point in life – whether that be on the dance floor party or an extra bonus salary raise at work – share it. Drag that one person who’s struggling and ask them to come dance with you. That extra bonus? Leave a bigger tip on your receipt at your favorite restaurant. The world goes round and spins a bit easier if you help it along.

  1. Don’t get me wrong, humans are brilliant beings. But again: human.

So pause, and take a deep breath. And sit outside after a good, long walk. And think, by yourself, the point of view of the person. Think of how they could reach that conclusion, how they could feel and or believe in their sentiments. How did they reach their idea?

Once so, treat everyone with compassion. We’re all poor slobs trying to muck our way through life. Some muck up more than others, and some clean up more than others. So try. Try.

  1. We actually live in a world of grey.

What I have grown the most and solidified in my small 18 year journey is that things aren’t what they seem. Life is faceted in multiple shades that are in between the fabled “black and white” perspective. The world dabbles in both. Every action isn’t as simple – it is complex. It is both. And it lies in perspective. All one needs to do is try for their best, aim, and fire.

The only thing certain in life is death. So live with a little grain of sugar and salt.

  1. “GPA is not the NSA”.

What do I mean by that? Don’t end up trying to do a good thing and end up in a twisted domineering structure. Yes, GPA can get you far. Education is truly key to stepping stones in life. But do not be left holding one over the other. Don’t trade in your happiness. Remember: your GPA is supposed to be the key in helping guide you towards your happiness and future. Not replace it or substitute it. So many I have seen end up at the top. But all I end up seeing is a glazed expression or an unnatural tint of fervor. Loneliness. I’d trade in any day being a genius to being an average Joe living life with love. Anyone can upstart and build a career towards a degree. But not everyone is lucky enough to get the chance to meet love. Greet it in all its aspects, and snatch it close to one’s heart. So be greedy and seize both. Balance it.




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