Worry Free Wednesday: Boom! Crash! Sound of my life goes, on and on, on and on, on…

Ah, yes.

It is the obnoxious Wednesday, my peeps.


You made it alive*!


*(Er, well, half crispy, maimed and hobbling along, but alive nonetheless!)

This Wednesday seems like any other: smack dab right in the middle, with A/C cushioning it from side to side like a sad dripping ice cream cone. (I may not be making much sense, but bear with me here my fellow brain-fried friends.)

Today’s Wednesday is filled with much worrying, not so much freedom but it’s a definite Wednesday.

How so you may ask?

Driving Test. 



*cue in the screeching brakes, onomatopoeia explosions via mouth, and sirens wah-wah-ing the atmosphere with sad face emoticons plastered all around*


The dreaded, almost social grand opening of adulthood passage, occurs to me tomorrow early in the wee hours of the morning.

Fun, no?

What am I trying to do, as a socially awkward, very much anxious filled person, to combat the stress and worry?

Well, let’s list them off shall we?


How to Combat No-Nonsense-Filled-With-Little-More-Less-Than-Sense Worry


  1. Numero Uno: Breathe.

It sounds silly, over-rated and cheesy. But it’s silly, over-rated and cheesy for a reason. The reason being is that so many people have tried the technique it was bound to be a classic. What with the wonderful technique being healthy, free, and oh-so-casually keeping us alive. Sad truth is, we forget to use this gift by Mother Nature.

So pause. Stop what you’re doing. And breathe.

And then have your glorious brain scramble for solutions. But always first things first: remember to breathe.


2. Numero Dos: Get up and move.

Now this can be taken into several perspectives: pick up a stack of pens and papers and plan a course of action, physically getting up from your desk and shimmying along the rug beaten path, or unleashing your inner Elizabeth Bennett and Pride & Prejudice-ing your butt down the country lane and into the boundless plains and shimmering horizon. If you find yourself unable to find a pen or paper, strapped helplessly to a cubicle, or stuck in a 1 foot living room – that’s okay.

All in all, you need to get your blood moving. Don’t allow yourself to get mentally paralyzed. Stop it before it gets there by physically moving. Your brain will catch up in a few.


 3. Numero Tres: Do it.

Yes, I know. Shia LeBouf, Nike commericals, and all that nonsense.

But it’s true.

After having taken a moment to breathe, and think – the next is to do.

Whether it is a literal action to take, or a metaphorical metaphysical one, the task is to complete it. But before you dive off into the proverbial void, I propose this: How do you eat an elephant?**

One bite at a time.

So hitch up your good jeans, good lucky tunes, and buckle up the good vibes.

  • Set out a small task for yourself that you can accomplish in 15 minutes and reach it.
  • Take a break, take a sip of water, and take a mental pause. Put on a good vine list, pop yourself some popcorn, or even lay down and stare at the wall, we don’t judge. Just take your mind off the task for a few milliseconds.
  • Go back to the planned outline of the day, reassure yourself everything is still there and or on time – and then return to task.
  • Rinse, repeat, and recycle.




I know these tasks seems menial or vague beyond despair, but the truth of the matter is: worry is everywhere.

It’s sometimes menial (did I forget to check my teeth for food after lunch) or beyond despair (did I forget to even have lunch) but the heart of the matter is to quit trying to mentally spazz yourself out in a melt down before you’ve even begun. (Impossible, I know. It’s like saying: Quit being so bright, sun! It seems almost ridiculous to propose. And you’re right. Sometimes – most times – you can’t help but worry. It’s only when the worry starts becoming your prisoner, does one need to take a pause.)

So plan what you know, do what you can, and start small.

Piece by piece, and by the end of the day you’ll look up and have it complete.

So for all my fellow anxious people (and fellow road driving test takers):

Breathe. Plan. Do.

What does that mean for me?

In ten minutes, I shall review parts of the test, in another fifteen I shall take a break, and in another ten I shall check off bit by bit what I have accomplished.

Rinse, repeat, recycle.

And before you know it, I’ll be zipping along passed side you in my mini-bright-orange Rio named Rio.


Good luck, and good breathing to all!


Here’s to another Worry Free Wednesday.

(**Special Credits: to the mentor and teacher of the century - Mr. Ross - for the Elephant Quote.)

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