Worry Free Wednesday: Hey-o Spaghetti-o’s, Look At Me Go-Go’s!

Hello there, fellow human being, it has been the craziest two weeks of my life that, yes, you’ve seen the date correctly: a Worry Free Wednesday post on a Friday. 

No, no, you’re not insane (though I probably am – drats) and have not missed a #WFW. I have decided to keep up appearances and do it as a bi-weekly ritual. What say you? One cannot post about well, nothing. So like Adele said about the creation of her album – you have to live in order to sing about it. So in this case – write it.

What has this bookworm hobbit been up to?

I can proudly say I have “Adult”-ed quite successfully in the last few weeks.

I have *drum roll of all drum rolls*:

  • have a spanking new shiny driver’s license (vroom, vroom)
  • am registered to vote (here I come, angry cheeto)
  • used my old wallet to buy three new wallets (it makes sense I promise)
  • drive to and from work every day (zzz)
  • prepping for college on the all around (*wriggles with excitement*)
  • take a steady look at managing accounts (both bank wise, and non-bank wise) *coughs at Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads accounts*

Pretty rad, huh?

And more good things are coming this way, I do say so myself.

Now the things I have realized on being on-the-go nonstop for two weeks solid is the taboo, the bad word of all bad things, the word-not-to-be-whispered: burnout.


…the taboo, the bad word of all bad things, the word-not-to-be-whispered: burnout.

Yes. That.

It does exist in this world and no, it’s not you being a “wimp”, or all that “it’s just feeling, it’ll disappear after a good night’s rest” nonsense such as that. It is literally when your chugging in too many things in the machine, and next thing you know you’ve jammed the copier and there’s a million pieces of paper flying everywhere as you’re surrounded by a mass pity party.

[Insert sad tunes by Melanie Martinez]

So let’s avoid the “cry on my birthday, cry if I want to” scenario and maintain a good pace.

I love lists – as we all know – so let us throw one together.



How Not to Metaphorically “Jam the Copier” in a Burnout, and Keep on Slaying



1. Treat Yo-Self

Dude, hey, the thing to realize is you never know what you’re harboring away on your dashing boat, and they’re might be some bad negative stowaways on board. So before there’s mutiny – take a pause, root it out, and carefully negotiate a deal. Whether that be agreeing on a day off, an evening of cute picture puppy threads, or an extra helping of dessert tonight – do it. Resolve your qualms for later – you can always work an extra shift, or run an extra mile – but what can’t wait for later is that untimely, messy storm.

2. “Nobody Got Time For Dat!”

Yeah, I know.

What if I just totally ignore my warning signs, and or don’t realize them and it just happens?

It’s been known to happen, especially for a person as chronically stubborn as myself, but I’ve come to learn to just…let it happen. Horrible, I know. But once the waterworks start, and the hiccuped breathing begins and the snot starts flowing? Don’t stop it. It’s messy, it’s inconvenient, it’s ugly and it straight up gets annoying at times – but it’s the price one must pay and it’s a genuine relief afterwards.

So pull aside for yourself and find a moment – or even a friend, nice acquaintance, that’s closest to you in both proximity and heart – and go to them. Tell them. Hug them. Either way: it’s going to be okay. Even if it isn’t at the moment.

“Are you okay?” “I’m never going to be okay. And we’ll just have to accept that. But it is what it is.”


3. Be Your Own Friend

Would you treat your best friend the way your treat yourself? Would you treat your loved one the way you treat yourself? Would you?

If the answer is a horrified, “No!”, then you should probably pause, think, and decide.

Every action, every word – it’s on you. A conscious decision to care. Now why shouldn’t you put that much thought, reward, and effort into making someone happy and comfortable – but for yourself?

Food for thought. (No, literally. Pull out that fluffy, ratty blanket and cocoon yourself with some good food and good vibes.)


You got this.

Burn brightly, fiercely – and with a spark that leaves them dazzled, m’dear.



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